You can’t plan for everything*

*B​ut you can be p​repared w​​ith OPIP​​​


Make protection a priority with the OMA Priority Insurance Program (OPIP).

OPIP is designed to ensure that Ontario physicians have access to the type of benefits that many Ontarians receive as part of an employee benefits program, providing you and your family with unique protection solutions to. You can also upgrade your coverage with additional options that can be customized to your needs – all in one highly affordable package. 

OPIP includes Health Coverage or a Health Spending Account and Critical Illness coverage under the Physicians Health Benefit Program (PHBPiPHBP is a government subsidized benefit program for Ontario doctors.
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) as well as Legal Expense Insurance (LEI), and Security Evacuation Coverage (SEC). Members can also upgrade coverage with additional and enhanced benefits for themselves and their family.



Health coverage will ensure that you and your family are covered for health-related services not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) - including eligible drugs, hospitalization, paramedical services, assistive devices and more. Enjoy the added convenience of a pay-direct drug card as well as $2-million emergency out-of-country travel coverage. If you wish to upgrade your coverage at additional cost, Health Plus and Dental coverage is available as well.

If you already have Health Care coverage under an employer sponsored plan, you can easily opt out of OPIP Health and receive a Health Spending Account - flexible credits to pay for health services important to you and your family including some insurance premiums, vision and dental expenses. How you spend the credits is up to you – as long as the expenses qualify as a medical, dental or hospital expense under the Income Tax Act (Canada).

Health Spending Account (HSA)

The OMA Priority Insurance Program (OPIP) includes a Health Spending Account (HSA) as a feature. An HSA is like having an account to pay for eligible health and medical expenses. An HSA holds credits that can be used to reimburse a wide variety of eligible health-care services or supplies that are not already covered by OHIP or any other insurance plan.

For newly eligible and late applicants, an HSA is only available if you opt out of Health coverage because you or your spouse have coverage elsewhere.