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Office / Clinic Insurance

A woman standing in a medical office holding her child and speaking to a staff member seated at a desk.

Proactive protection for your entire practice.

Customized insurance solutions to help physicians and clinic administrators protect their medical office.

Protect your medical office / clinic expenses with OMA Insurance.

As a medical professional, there’s added responsibility for the well-being of your staff, your business and protecting patient records. With insurance options from OMA Insurance through our partners, we will help you keep your entire practice safe by making sure you have choices that let you sleep better at night.

The benefits of Office / Clinic Insurance

Group plan for clinic staff

An affordable and sustainable group benefits plan for your employees.

Personalized coverage

Protect your business interests with liability coverage tailored to your needs.

Key person insurance

Cover your business from the loss of a key employee who is vital to the continuing success of your business.

Control over your business assets

Coverage for your business property, legal costs for third-party injury, data breaches and more.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict can impact your cybersecurity

Office/Clinic Insurance

The insurance products and services is underwritten by Novex Insurance Company of Canada and distributed through HUB International Limited. Only general descriptions of coverages are provided and do not include all of the features, exclusions and conditions of the policies they describe. All coverages are individually underwritten. This coverage does not protect against virus or bacteria outbreak.


HUB International is Canada’s largest middle market commercial insurance broker and a leading broker across North America. As such, HUB has considerable experience providing property and casualty insurance and risk management advice to businesses and individuals, with a particular expertise in business insurance solutions for those in medical professions.

Clinic Staff Benefits

Benefit plan administered by Beneplan Inc. OMA Insurance is a member of The Beneplan Co-operative and is subject to all bylaws, policies and procedures.

Some conditions apply.