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Frequently asked questions about digital advertising

Why am I seeing this ad and where is it coming from?​​

You’re seeing this ad because you visited the OMA Insurance website and you may be eligible for exclusive group rates with the Ontario Medical Association. The OMA Insurance website uses anonymous cookies to send ads to our eligible visitors.

How does this affect my privacy?

The cookie providing you with ads is completely anonymous, non-invasive and temporary. It does not record any personal or identifiable information. Your privacy is protected.

It does NOT record names, email addresses, contact information, photos, or any information that is personal and confidential.

It will temporarily store browser type, time zone, language preference, device type and screen size to ensure the ad appears correctly on your device and is in your preferred language. We do not keep this information. It is erased when the cookie is erased.

How can I remove this ad if I do not wish to see it in the future?

To stop the ad from appearing you can manually erase the cookie by clearing your browsing data, also know as cache. All web browsers allow you to do this. Simply go into the tools, settings, or safety settings of your browser.

Where will it appear?

The ads will only appear in already designated ad space on websites as you browse. They will not pop-up and disrupt your browsing experience.

How often will it appear?

The ad will appear 5 times over the course of two weeks or until you erase the cookie.

Will I continue to receive ads like this one in the future?

If you visit the OMA Insurance website again after having erased the cookie or after the temporary 'cookie' has run its course then a new cookie will begin sending you ads. You will not receive a new cookie every time you visit the website so long as your old one has not been erased. Therefore, the number of ads you see will not multiply or become disruptive.