Your advisors, your advocates.

Our approach is personal and simple. We listen, to understand your individual situation, your needs and what you want. We educate you about risk--why it matters to you and the options available to you. Our team will advise you based on your unique situation and act to implement the solutions that are tailored to your lifestyle and career stage.

Your feedback matters. Please don’t hesitate to tell me about your experience.

Headshot-Preya Singh-Cushnie
Preya Singh-Cushnie
Director, Insurance Advisory & Education Services



Headshot-Shawn Brown
Shawn Brown
Manager, Internal Advisory Services
Headshot-Emil Popescu
Emil Popescu
Manager, Regional Advisory Services
Headshot-Kelly Budden
Kelly Budden
Headshot-Joyce Chiu
Joyce Chiu
Headshot-Maria Del Mundo
Maria Del Mundo
Headshot-Katerina Gantcheva
Katerina Gantcheva
Headshot-Firas Hamdan
Firas Hamdan
Headshot-Yash Khubchandani
Yash Khubchandani
Headshot-Jeremy Kini
Jeremy Kini
Nova Scotia
Headshot-Pavan Mann
Pavan Mann
Hamilton - St Catharines - Niagara
Headshot-Alban Moran
Alban Moran
Prince Edward Island
Headshot-Guillermo Nafarrate
Guillermo Nafarrate
Headshot-Lisa Ng
Lisa Ng
Headshot-Cathy-Ann Percy
Cathy-Ann Percy
Headshot-Keroulos Youssef
Keroulos Youssef
Headshot-Ricky Zhang
Ricky Zhang


Education & Engagement Specialists


Headshot-Marta Hano
Marta Hano
Headshot-Jamal Newman
Jamal Newman
Headshot-Sarah Tufts
Sarah Tufts