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Be insured by those who know you best

Since 1956, OMA Insurance has been providing unbiased advice when it comes to Ontario’s doctors’ financial health and wellness. Decisions are made in the best interest of OMA members, and as a member, you can trust that we’ll provide you with the financial protection you and your family require.

Get the facts about OMA Insurance

The OMA owns OMA Insurance

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ontario Medical Association, OMA members own the OMA Insurance program, and we have been providing customized solutions tailored to the needs of OMA members for more than 66 years. We’ve earned your trust and continue to build on that foundation by advocating for our members in every way we can.

We operate on a not-for-profit basis

All earnings are reinvested into the programs and operations of OMA Insurance, with any excess distributed to policyholders at the end of each year through a premium refund program.

Members see the true cost of coverage up front

With the group- buying power of the OMA membership, we are able to offer discounted premiums to our group insurance programs up front. As a result, we do not inflate premiums to offer temporary discounts.

Our advisors are unbiased experts

Across Ontario and Atlantic Canada, OMA members and Atlantic OMA policyholders have access to salaried licensed insurance advisors who are employees of the Ontario Medical Association. OMA Insurance advisors’ recommendations are made based on your unique needs and lifestyle to ensure your financial wellness. OMA Insurance advisors are not only life licensed, some are also chartered professionals in the areas of underwriting health and financial planning. Our focus is to listen to members, then educate and advise them on the most appropriate insurance and retirement solution that supports their unique needs.

We offer individual insurance products, property casualty programs, and more

Through OMA Insurance, members have access to a diverse set of third-party individual life and living benefits, products and services. Through our strategic partnerships with RBC Insurance, Manulife, Industrial Alliance, Canada Life, Canada Protection Plan, and Sun Life Financial, members have access to individual insurance products that complement the OMA group insurance products. Additionally, members have access to best-in-class home and auto insurance programs through The Personal, office clinic, clinic staff benefits through Hub International, Manulife Travel Insurance, and many more specialty insurance products. Learn more about our products or email us at

We never share or sell your information

Doctors are often targets of spam. As a member of the OMA, we put measures in place to safeguard the personal information you shared with us.

Need advice? Our expert insurance advisors are here to help.

A message from Susan Armstrong, OMA Insurance Board Chair, and Colin Brace, vice-president of OMA Insurance, regarding the Manulife transition.

Insurance exclusively made for doctors