Winter’s not over yet. Tips to protect your home and auto.
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The hustle and bustle of the holidays may be behind us, but there is still plenty of winter up ahead…

​For many Canadians, January is a time to hunker down into the warmth and comfort of home. And while we all deserve some post-holiday respite, it's important to stay prepared for everything winter can – and probably will – throw at us. Here are some tips that can help you and your family stay safe this season, and keep your home and your vehicle running smoothly all winter long.

Your Home​

During the winter months, your home is your haven from the cold and the snow.  But it can also be vulnerable to the extreme weather this season can often bring in. At this time of year, be sure to monitor key areas of your home, maintain sensitive areas, and stay prepared.​

  • Regularly check your roo​​f
    • After a windstorm, check for missing or damaged shingles – missing shingles could lead to leaks and water damage very quickly!
    • Following a heavy snowfall, try to remove snow and ice buildup to avoid too much strain on your roofing system
    • Always use caution when working on or checking your roof.  Ice and snow build up can make the surface more slippery than usual
  • Keep your water pipes from freezing (and avoid the water damage that may result if your pipes burst)
    • Wrap up any exposed pipes (foam or fiberglass often does the trick)
    • Seal any holes or cracks that may exist around your pipes
    • If you have pipes that may be sensitive to freezing, open the tap slightly to relieve pressure that can build up when water freezes
  • Prepare for your home for your winter vacation
    • If you're going away over the winter, don't turn the heat too low. Many experts suggest 16°C (61°F) is a safe temperature, allowing you to conserve energy, while keeping your home in good shape while you're away
    • It's also a good idea to have someone check on your home regularly. An inside and outside check every few days can go a long way to preventing winter damage
    • Whenever you go away on vacation, it's a good idea to call your insurance company to ensure your home is properly protected
  • Make sure your insurance coverage is up-to-date
    • Having up-to-date insurance coverage – including the right coverage for your property and personal belongings – can protect you financially in the event of the unexpected.​

Your Vehicl​e

More than at any time of year, you rely on your vehicle to get you around safely – and it's no secret that winter driving can be a challenge. Be sure to get your car or truck winter ready, maintain it throughout the season, and have a back-up plan in case of a winter weather accident.

  • Invest in winter tires
    • Four winter tires can help you brake up to 25% sooner on a slippery road.  And, you may get a discount on your auto insurance by taking this valuable step
  • Get your vehicle winter-ready
    • A winter maintenance check-up is a great way to avoid surprises and keep your vehicle running smoothly throughout the season
    • Make sure you have sufficient windshield washer fluid, and keep an extra jug in your trunk
    • Inspect and, if necessary, replace worn wiper blades.
    • Keep an eye on your tire pressure throughout the season, as it can decrease in cold temperatures

  • Drive according to road conditions
    • Reduced visibility and slippery conditions can turn a routine drive home into a tense situation. Drive slowly and cautiously, and maintain a safe following distance to help avoid an accident

  • Prepare for the unexpected
    • In case of an accident or breakdown, keep a winter survival kit in your car. This may include an ice scraper, shovel, booster cables, road flares, first aid kit, extra clothing and footwear, energy bars and bottled water.
    • Download your Accident Reporting Kit ( ), so that you know what to do and who to call in the event of an accident
  • Check your insurance policy
    • Make sure you – and all drivers in your family - are sufficiently protected by keeping your policy up to date​

Save On the Covera​ge You Need

Our recently enhanced Multi-Line Discount* now offers savings of up to 5% on both your home and auto policies when you insure both with the OMA Home and Auto Insurance program. Plus, if you have a claim that affects both your home and car, you pay only one deductible—not two.​

Stay safe this win​ter

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