Upgrade Your Coverage

​​The  OMA Priority Insurance Program (OPIP) was designed to ensure that Ontario physicians have access to the type of benefits that many Ontarians receive as part of an employee benefits program. However, many physicians may want to enhance their protection by purchasing additional coverage above the core coverages.

Health and dental expenses can add up quickly. With the costs of drugs and health care on the rise, an illness or hospital stay can expose you to significant and unexpected financial demands.

What can I pur​​chase?​

OMA Insurance recognizes that doctors sometimes want their coverage to go beyond basic protection and offer more comprehensive coverage that includes enhanced benefits for themselves and their family. For this reason we offer exclusive optional upgrades which, when added to OPIP, go beyond basic coverage to offer added protection. Health Plus, Dental/Dental Plus, and additional Critical Illness coverage are all available.​


Want to know more​ about these optional upgrades?

At time of initial OPIP enrolment, OMA members under age 65 can also purchase an additional $50,000 each for Critical Illness coverage for themselves and their spouse - with no medical evidence required.

With Health Plus you and your family can receive improved coverage for prescription drugs, hospitalization, paramedical services, assistive devices and more, plus vision care is included.

Dental includes coverage for preventative and diagnostic treatments to help members and their dependents pay for eligible dental procedures. Dental Plus is enhanced coverage that includes Major Services for procedures such as crowns and bridges and, after a one year waiting period, orthodontics. Check out the table that summarizes the coverages for Dental and Dental Plus plans to help you compare the two options.  ​

OSF Chart.png

Rate Inform​ation

Coverage is simple and affordable. Premiums depend on a variety of factors that could include age, smoking status and/or gender depending on the type of coverage.

Eligibility for Optional Upgraded Coverage under OPIP Program

​Optional coverage under OPIP is available to members who meet the eligibility requirements​.

Members' spouses and dependent children under age 18 (or under age 25 if a full-time student) are also eligible to participate in OPIP and the upgrade options if the member meets eligibility requirements.

Members, under the age of 79, may also be eligible to purchase Health Plus and Dental coverage outside of OPIP. ​

To learn more about these unique and customizable solutions, contact us by email at info@OMAinsurance.com​ or by phone at 1.800.758.1641.