OPIP - Legal Expense Insurance

What is Legal Expense Insurance?
This policy allows you and your immediate family to confidently handle an unforeseen legal issue or dispute. It will help you: 
    • Defend or pursue your family’s legal rights
    • Save time and effort with access to qualified lawyers
    • Be confident so you can focus on what matters most
Plus, Legal Expense Insurance provides the security of knowing once a claim has been accepted, the costs of pursuing a legal action will be covered. 

As part of your OPIP coverage, your Legal Expense Insurance policy also provides Unlimited access to a Legal Helpline.

A helpline lawyer will provide you with information and assistance on any personal legal matter, regardless if it is covered by the policy or not.

You also have the option to call and schedule a time for a Helpline lawyer to call you when it is most convenient within your busy schedule.

This policy provided by DAS Legal Protection Inc. protects you, your spouse or civil partner and children normally living at home by covering legal costs for:

  • Tax disputes (personal and business)
  • Driver's license protection
  • Employment disputes
  • Auto and employee legal defense
  • Property disputes
  • Worldwide Bodily Injury
  • Auto and non-auto contract disputes

A wide range of legal expenses are covered including your assigned legal counsel and court fees, plus if a judge orders you to pay the other party’s legal costs if you happen to lose your case.

Dr. Singh's story - Auto legal defence

Dr. Singh was running late to get to his office, when he was pulled over and ticketed for making an ‘unsafe’ left turn. The ticket was for $110, plus 2 demerit points and he was worried it would impact his auto insurance premiums as well.
Dr. Singh called the Legal Helpline and scheduled a lawyer to call him back later that day. The Helpline lawyer called, explained his legal rights and advised details would be passed to the DAS Claims Team.
Legal representation was assigned to handle disputing the ticket on Dr. Singh’s behalf. They successfully defended Dr. Singh in traffic court, as the charge was completely withdrawn. Dr. Singh did not have to take time away from his busy practice, as the legal representative handled everything and he saved $750 in legal fees.

Dr. Johnson's story - Spouse employment dispute

Dr. Johnson’s spouse Lucie was let go by her employer for cause after two years on the job, based on an allegation she violated numerous company policies. Lucie was very upset as the allegations were unfounded and she felt they were made to avoid paying severance.
Lucie called the Legal Helpline right away, a lawyer clearly explained her rights in this unfortunate situation and passed her details to the DAS Claims Team. An employment lawyer was assigned to challenge the ‘for cause’ basis of Lucie’s termination. The result was the ‘for cause’ grounds were dropped, Lucie received $18,000 in severance, a letter of recommendation and she saved $4,000 in legal fees.

Dr. Tibedeau's story - Contract dispute

Dr. Tibedeau received notice that she was being sued in Small Claims Court for $4,000 from a contractor hired to do work on her vacation property. The original work done was not up to Dr. Tibedeau’s standards and re-work was required, but she thought the issue was amicably resolved at no additional cost.

Dr. Tibedeau was frustrated as this notice came out of the nowhere, and she called the Legal Helpline right away. After explaining what occurred, the Helpline lawyer advised her legal rights in this situation and details were passed to the DAS Claims Team.
Legal counsel was retained and they negotiated on Dr. Tibedeau’s behalf a mutual settlement, whereby it was agreed an additional $500 would be paid. Dr. Tibedeau was happy as her legal counsel handled most of the work, there was no need for a lengthy litigation and she saved $8,000 in legal fees.

OPIP members should be aware:

    • Any covered incident must be reported to DAS within 120 days of the date of occurrence.
    • Only legal expenses that have received prior approval from DAS will be reimbursed.
For full coverage details, deductibles, exclusions and policy limits please refer to your OPIP Legal Expense Insurance certificate and policy wording.

Question about your coverage?

Please contact us at 1.800.758.1641 (option 1) or info@omainsurance.com. 


Have a legal question or want to make a claim?

Please call the Legal Helpline at 1.855.953.1433


Here's more helpful information:

For details of what is and what is not covered please see the Quick Reference Guide.