You protect the health of your patients. Shouldn’t you protect the place where you treat them?

Protect your practice from financial harm.

As a medical professional, your first concern is for your patients. But the business person in you needs to think about keeping risks and losses to a minimum. Consider if your patient records were destroyed by fire, your computer equipment stolen, or your medical equipment was to break down. Would you be protected from the financial repercussions to your medical practice or if someone were to slip or fall?

OMA Insurance has partnered with HUB Internationals to provide you with protection to cover a wide range of risks. This coverage is designed specifically to protect medical offices and clinics from financial losses. Even in the best-run medical facilities, accidents happen. Don’t let them hurt the practice you’ve worked so hard to build. 

Office/Clinic insurance includes core coverages as well as several extended care options – giving you the flexibility to shape a plan to suit your needs. Your coverage can include provisions for a wide variety of risks, such as:

  • Damage to business property including buildings, contents, medical equipment, and revenue loss due to work interruption arising from an insured loss.
  • Legal costs due to bodily injury to a third party or damage to their property while on your premises.
  • Damage to computers and electronic media.
  • If there has been a privacy breach or hack to your electronic systems and you have added Cyber Liability as a rider to your coverage, it would help protect your business and reputation. 
  • Equipment breakdown.
  • Employee theft, including coverage of loss due to dishonesty, fraud, or theft of money, securities or other property owned by the office/clinic.
  • Losses related to identity theft.
Consider adding a cyber liability endorsement ​to your office/clinic coverage to protect you if a privacy breach ​occu​​rs. This endorsement can be added at any time to a new or existing policy.

Concerned About Your Pa​​tient Data?

No person or organization is immune from a data breach, regardless of size or even the sophistication of their security. The OMA recommends OntarioMD-certified electronic medical records​ to give you some assurance that your EMR used to manage your electronic patient data meets core privacy and security requirements. 

Office/Clinic Insurance from OMA and HUB International has an optional cyber liability endorsement that is designed to protect doctors from losses related to data breaches and cyberattacks. This endorsement can be added at any time to an existing policy or at time of renewal with no underwriting questionnaires. This coverage is available for $96 a year and includes $25,000 first-party privacy breach expense and business interruption loss coverage. 


Coverage is simple and affordable. Rates depend on the package and limits you select. Contact HUB International directly to learn more about rates, obtain a quote or to increase limits of insurance at 1.855.662.0500.




Standard Clinic Package

Liability Buy-Down Clinic Package

Locum Package

General Liability




Professional LiabilityiCoverage for the alleged wrongdoing of either a regulated healthcare professional or a non-regulated healthcare professional while working in the physician’s employ and working outside of the CMPA guidelines. The coverage does not include alleged acts of the physician and this protection would be provided by the CMPA.












Social EngineeringiCoverage for loss resulting from fraud committed by a person purporting to be a Vendor, Client, or an Employee who was authorized by the Insured to Instruct other Employees to transfer Money or Securities.




Business InterruptioniBusiness interruption resulting from the direct physical loss or damage due to ice-load on transmission lines within 1 kilometre of the premises, subject to a 24 hour waiting period.




Annual Premium




The Cyber Liability Endorsement provides $25,0001 for both first–party privacy breach expense coverage and business interruption loss coverage for an annual premium of $96.​

These premiums are subject to change based on underwriting information, additional coverages and claims history submitted by ​​each applicant.​​


The Application Process

OMA Insurance works to streamline the application process as much as possible, reducing the complexity and time required to arrange coverage. Here are the steps required:​

Learn about coverage and apply by calling HUB International at 1.855.662.0500. Information about your office/clinic will be required.
HUB International will promptly offer you the best rates based on your needs. Some additional information may be needed.
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Receive your Policy
Once your payment has been received, HUB International will send your policy by email or mail.
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At this stage, and every stage.

Treat your office/clinic with proper care with the comprehensive coverage of OMA Office/Clinic Insurance. Protecting your practice is part of your job. Making it easy is ours – today and at every stage of your career.​


About Hub International

​HUB International is Canada's largest middle market commercial insurance broker and a leading broker across North America. As such, HUB has considerable experience providing property and casualty insurance and risk management advice to businesses and individuals, with a particular expertise in business insurance solutions for those in medical professions.​


​This Office/Clinic Insurance is underwritten by Novex Insurance Company of Canada through HUB International Limited. Only general descriptions of coverages that are provided and does not include all of the features, exclusions, and conditions of the policies it describes. All coverages are individually underwritten. This coverage does not protect against virus or bacteria outbreak.

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