For the whole of your business, protect all its parts.

Risks are everywhere. Your protection should be, too.

While the majority of your time, energy and dedication go into your practice, you may have other business interests as well. Commercial Insurance is one of the best strategies to ensure every aspect of your business life is properly covered.

OMA Insurance has teamed with HUB International to bring you Commercial Insurance that shields you from a wide variety of risks, whatever your need. Keep your entire business safe and sound, by making sure no part remains vulnerable.

For more information on commercial  insurance, please visit The HUB website.


Cover your people, your assets, your reputation.

Offered specifically with doctors in mind, Commercial Insurance features an expansive spectrum of coverages to choose from. Below are just a few:

Clinical Trial Liability Insurance: Coverage for bodily injury and/or property damage for claims resulting from the testing of a drug product or medical device.

Business Property Coverage: Covers business properties you may own, including buildings under construction. 

Director's Liability Insurance (D&O): Insurance payable to directors and officers of a company as reimbursement for losses or as an advancement of defense costs in the event of legal action.

Privacy & Cyber Liability: Covers expenses (including lawsuits, file recovery and lost billings) due to the theft or loss of patient or other important records whether in electronic or paper form. Also covers costs associated with notifying patients of lost records, services to help patients with credit and identify theft monitoring, and computer downtime due to hacker attack.

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance: Protection for individuals and corporations operating in high-risk areas around the world. Typically covers the perils of kidnapping, extortion, wrongful detention, and hijacking. In most situations, the insured must first pay the ransom, thus incurring a loss, and then seek reimbursement from the insurer under the policy. 

Other Non-medical Business Coverages: A wide range of protection solutions for a variety of non-medical business opportunities. ​


Rate Information

Coverage is simple and affordable. Rates depend on a variety of factors, from workplace and property details to relevant specifics about your staff and partners. To learn more about rates, or to get a quote, contact HUB International directly at 1.855.662.0500.


The Application Process

OMA Insurance works to streamline the application process as much as possible, reducing the complexity and time required to arrange coverage. Here are the steps required:

Learn about coverage and apply by calling HUB International at 1.855.662.0500. Depending on the coverage you need, certain information will be required.
HUB International will offer you the best rates based on your needs. Some additional information may be needed.
Receive your Policy
Once your payment has been received, HUB International will send your certificates by mail.
final approval.png


At this stage, and every stage.

As a physician, you have a variety of interests that not only require your attention, but the best protection possible. OMA Insurance gives you access to solid commercial coverage for every aspect – and every stage – of your career. 


​HUB International is Canada's largest middle market commercial insurance broker and a leading broker across North America. As such, HUB has considerable experience providing property and casualty insurance and risk management advice to businesses and individuals, with a particular expertise in business insurance solutions for those in medical professions.

The descriptions in this information document contain only general descriptions of coverages that may be provided from multiple insurers and does not include all of the features, exclusions, and conditions of the policies that may be offered. All coverages are individually underwritten.

Some conditions apply. For full details, refer to individual policies.