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​Understanding the application process​

Thank you for trusting OMA Insurance to protect you and your family.
Applying for insurance is a collaboration between OMA Insurance and the insuring company. A little preparation goes a long way toward the success of your insurance application.
This guide outlines what you can expect to happen during the underwriting of your application and how you can help ensure the process stays on schedule.

What to expect

How to expedite the process


After the application form is completed, the average time from the receipt of the application to receipt of the insurance certificate is six to eight weeks. This depends on how quickly the insurance company’s underwriter can obtain the necessary medical information and, if needed, financial documents to assess the application.

The underwriter will notify you of any additional information required to complete the review of your application.

Before you apply, ensure your medical association membership is active. If you’re not a member yet, contact your local medical association or society to apply for membership.

On your application, ensure you:

  • Answer all questions fully

  • Provide details where required

  • Include your OMA reference number

  • Sign and date it

  • Include your banking information from a Canadian banking institution

For assistance in completing your application, contact an OMA Advisor.

Telephone interview

As part of the underwriting process, you will need to complete a telephone interview, which will include questions about your health and your family medical history.

Within three to five days of your application being reviewed by the underwriting company, a representative of our paramedical service provider (Exam One) will contact you to complete the telephone interview.

The interviewer will ask you about:

  • Doctors’ visits

  • Your medical and personal history

  • Your immediate family’s (parents, siblings) significant medical history

  • Scheduling an appointment for your blood and urinalysis specimen to be collected, as well as taking your vitals if required

If you are applying for life insurance, you may be asked a few questions about your financial assets.

Prepare for the interview by having the following information available:

  • Medical conditions (including diagnosis and date diagnosed, treatment and result of treatment, and treating physician information)

  • Medications used (including prescribed and over-the-counter medications, the names and dosages as well as length of usage)

  • Primary care physician’s name, address and phone number

  • Other medical visits in the past five years, including doctors, clinics and hospitals (include dates and reasons for each visit)

  • Your immediate family’s (parents and siblings) significant medical history

If you are applying separately for life and disability insurance within six months of each other, you do not have to complete a second telephone interview. Each insurance company uses the completed interview to underwrite the application. The insurance company will contact you if any additional requirements are needed.

Depending on your medical history, the average telephone interview takes 20 to 30 minutes.

Blood chemistry profile and urinalysis

If required, an Exam One representative will contact you and arrange for a convenient time and location to collect your specimen. On the day of the visit, the examiner may also take your vitals and record your height and weight. A copy of the lab results will be sent to you by the insurance company.

Testing on blood/urine specimens includes:

  • Blood chemistry profile: Serum HIV antibody, liver enzymes, HB AIC, fructosamine, BUN, creatinine, Alk Phos, total bilirubin, Hepatitis B and C

  • Urinalysis: Nicotine, cocaine, glucose, protein, leukocyte screen, hemoglobin screen, white and red blood count, granular and hyaline casts, specific gravity, temperature, creatinine and protein/creatinine

To prepare for the visit:

  • Have your government-issued photo identification available

  • Provide any history of problems associated with providing a specimen

  • Avoid strenuous exercise and limit salt and high-cholesterol food, if possible, for the 12 hours prior to the appointment

  • Refrain from alcohol intake

  • Try to fast for at least three hours before the appointment

  • Limit caffeine and nicotine for one hour before the appointment

  • Drink a glass of water just before the appointment

The average time for the visit is 15 to 20 minutes. If you are unable to keep the appointment, contact Exam One.

Attending physician’s statement

To complete the underwriting assessment of your application, further medical information regarding your health history may be requested from your physician. In some cases, a specialist report may also be needed.

Average time for completion and submission of an attending physician’s statement is 20 to 25 business days.

Advise your doctor to expect the request.

Additional requirements

Based on your medical history or the amount of insurance you are applying for, you will be notified if any additional information is needed to assess your application, such as:


  • Medical exam

  • Supplementary questionnaires

  • Financial information

Arrange for the completion of any additional requirements as soon as possible.

Return all completed documents to Sun Life as quickly as possible in the return envelope provided or by fax to 1-800-367-0813.

Underwriter decision

Once all requirements are received, the underwriter will render a decision, usually within five business days of receiving the last underwriting requirement.


Acceptance of policy documents

You will be mailed a certificate of insurance if your application is approved. Premium payments will begin according to the mode of payment you selected.

If your application is approved with changes, you will be sent an amendment form for review and acceptance before the coverage takes effect and premiums begin.

If your application is not approved, you will receive a confidential letter explaining the reason.

If your application is approved without changes, then no further action is required.

If your application is approved on an amended basis, carefully review the documents sent to you. If you agree, sign and return all required documentation within 30 days in return envelope provided or by fax to 1-800-367-0813.

File all insurance documents with your will and other important papers.

Contact either Sun Life or an OMA Advisor if you have any questions.