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April 07, 2022

A year in review: Strong investment performance for the Advantages Retirement Plan™ in 2021

This past February marked the first anniversary of the launch of BlackRock’s LifePath funds within the Advantages Retirement Plan™, which the plan’s investment committee selected to help OMA members grow their retirement savings.

The funds have seen strong growth in the past year — a great news story for OMA members — and it’s one of the ways the Advantages Retirement Plan™ is helping physicians get one step closer to realizing their retirement goals. OMA Insurance and the investment committee will continue to monitor the plan’s investment performance with the aim of ensuring it meets members’ ongoing needs.

The target-date funds are designed to achieve growth over the long term while keeping fees low, keeping pace with the market indices that reflects a globally diversified asset allocation.

The plan’s investment committee, which includes physician representation, has a mandate to oversee the funds’ performance while putting members’ interests first. BlackRock, the firm that manages the Advantages Retirement Plan™ target-date funds, has a strong track record in asset management. As the world’s largest asset manager with more than US$10 trillion in assets under management, and the pioneer of target-date funds in 1993, the firm has always served as a fiduciary to its clients.

“On behalf of the investment committee, we’re pleased with BlackRock’s management of the LifePath funds in this first year. The funds are doing exactly what they are intended to do, offering a value-for-money approach that optimizes physicians’ retirement readiness. The target-date funds are keeping pace with the index while providing professional asset allocation specifically for retirement. As we continue to monitor the plan’s investment performance, we aim to ensure that the funds meet our members’ needs on an ongoing basis.” — Bernard Morency, chair of the Advantages Retirement Plan™ investment committee

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