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OMA Insurance
Not for profit. All for doctors.
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No needles, no tests, no drama.

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No needles, no tests, no drama.
OMA Insurance
OMA Insurance offers guaranteed acceptance on three of its most popular bundles for career starting physicians.

​​For many people the idea of purchasing insurance brings anxiety; they doubt their understanding of the products and are unsure about how much coverage they need; they may be apprehensive about medical tests. And they are too busy!

The fact is that your insurance portfolio is the foundation upon which your current and future financial plan rests. OMA Insurance has three simple, fast, and convenient insurance solutions designed to meet the insurance needs of early career physicians—all with no medical tests, exams, needles or hassles.

medical studentStudent Sp​ecial Offer

As a medical student, you want to focus on your studies, not on protecting your finances in case of illness or injury. With the Student Special Offer you can enrol for $100,000 of complimentary life insurance and deeply discounted disability insurance—important coverage that protects you and your future income. Both are offered to students with no medical evidence required.

Essentials. ​​Essentially simple. Essentially affordable.


Since OMA Insurance works exclusively with physicians, we understand the demands the post-residency period brings. The Essentials offer was designed to give you the flexibility to choose the coverage you need. Select all or a combination of, Life, Disability and Professional Overhead Expense insurance.  And as an added benefit, during your first 2 years of practice you will receive a 50% discount on your Step Rate premiums for  Disability and Professional Overhead Expense Insurance.

With no exclusions for pre-existing conditions and no medical questions, exams or financial disclosure required this plan is essential for graduating residents.

This offer is for a limited time, so the enrolment form must be received within 120 days of completing residency.​


OMA Priori​ty Insurance Program (OPIP)​

OPIP is designed to provide you and your family with unique protection solutions including Health and Critical Illness insurance, Legal Expense Insurance and Security Evacuation Coverage. If you meet the eligibility requirements, OPIP is available to you for a nominal annual contribution of $350.

If you are not currently enroled in OPIP and are a newly practising physician, OMA Insurance will automatically send you an enrolment form. A newly practising physician includes:

  • An OMA member beginning to practise in Ontario
  • A newly graduating resident who has become a practising physician in Ontario

You will be eligible to enrol without medical evidence within 90 days from the date you receive notification of your eligibility. After this date, medical evidence will be required when you apply.

​Other OMA Insurance ​​​products that don't require medical tests include:

As your career, your lifestyle and your family changes your insurance needs will evolve and grow. OMA Insurance is committed to protecting physicians with the right insurance coverage at every stage of their career.