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If you’re online, you’re at risk.

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If you’re online, you’re at risk.
OMA Insurance
OMA Insurance and HUB International can help you manage risk with Cyber Liability Insurance

A virus or "agent that causes infectious disease" was first recorded in 1728--skip ahead almost 300 years and we now have computer viruses. Like a flu virus, this type of virus is programmed to spread from host to host and has the ability to replicate itself and even mutate to survive. In today’s constantly connected world you can contract a computer virus through email and text message attachments, internet file downloads, social media scam links; even your mobile devices and smartphones can become infected with mobile viruses through nefarious App downloads. Viruses can hide disguised as attachments of socially shareable content such as funny images and video files. But what do these viruses do? At the lowest threat level they can slow the performance of computer systems, however, the most perilous harm can happen with the corruption or theft of electronic data.​

Litigation and lawsuits relating to privacy breaches in Canada are no longer just hypothetical--they are a reality that happens almost daily. These cyber thefts tend to involve disclosure of personal information through insecure disposal of records, theft and loss of unencrypted data on mobile devices, and unauthorized access to records. Unfortunately, no person or organization is immune from a data breach, regardless of size or even the sophistication of their virus software or security systems. Cyber Liability insurance from OMA and HUB International offers you different levels of coverage designed to protect you from losses related to data breaches and cyberattacks whether you are a sole practitioner or part of a larger practice.

Your primary job is to help patients and their families, not to worry about the technology that is supposed to help you do your job. 

Consider the fact that cyber attacks on the healthcare industry have risen 320% between 2015 and 2016.

While Cyber Liability Insurance can't protect your information from hackers, it can keep you and your business on stable financial ground once a breach occurs. Traditional insurance policies – property, business interruption, general liability, crime – either specifically exclude cyber related losses or provide coverage only in very limited, specific circumstances. With insufficient insurance in place, the financial and reputational cost of recovering from a cyber breach can be devastating.
Any physician who manages patient information is responsible for their records. If you are a full time employee, you should check with your employer and review the terms of your contract. But, whether you are a contract employee, locum, or private clinic staff,  consider the protection offered by Cyber Liability coverage. ​
Choose either a stand-alone cyber liability policy or a cyber endorsement to your current Office/Clinic coverage to protect you if a privacy breach occurs. You can get peace of mind protection at any time with a new policy or add an endorsement to an existing Office/Clinic policy​.​

A final piece of advi​ce​

While Cyber Liability insurance can mitigate some risks, it’s important to remember that purchasing a policy won’t stop hackers or data breaches from occurring. Having up-to-date protection on your files and policies in place will lower your premium and your risk. Ultimately, responsibility for patient information continues to rest with you. This means investing in proper security technology, training staff on appropriate use of technology, and mitigating risks through the implementation of internal cyber-security reporting and controls.  

Contact HUB for m​ore info​rmation

Coverage is simple and affordable and can be customized to your business and your individual protection needs. Higher limits are available by contacting HUB International. To learn more about rates, to get a quote, or to inquire about increased limits of insurance, contact HUB International directly at 1.855.662.0500 or go to www.oma.hubint​