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Four Important Tire Tips

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Four Important Tire Tips
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It’s time to swap out your winter tires. Do you know the four things you need to do to extend the life of your tires?

It's officially Spring, and what better way to celebrate longer days and warmer temperatures than by swapping out your winter tires? Okay, changing tires is a chore we all tackle as a consequence of living north of the 49th parallel; but tires are a vital part of your vehicle and you can extend their life when they are stored and cared for properly.  

Be sure to remove winter tires once the weather gets warmer.  Due to the softer compound used in winter tires, they should only be on your car during the winter months; using them in the summer months will create premature wear on the tire.

  1. Before storing your seasonal tires, wash them with automotive soap and water to remove road grime and brake dust from the rims. Dry the wheels before putting them in storage. Do not apply tire conditioners or gloss.

  2. Once your tires are clean and dry, put them into dark, airtight plastic bags like lawn and garden bags. Try to remove as much air from the bags as possible before sealing them securely with tape. This helps prevent the lubricating oil in the tire compounds from evaporating. 

  3. Storage Solutiontire infographic.PNG

  4. When it's time to put your tires away, make sure you store them in a cool, dry place like your basement, climate-controlled garage, or workshop. Avoid storing tires outdoors, in a standard garage, or in an attic – basically, any place that could be very hot, wet, humid, or cold (because tires can actually freeze).

    Since tires are black, they soak up the heat of the sun and can easily heat up to over 49 degrees Celsius. This heat, coupled with the sun's ultraviolet rays, can cause the rubber to break down.

The OMA Home and Auto Insurance program through The Personal provides a discount of up 5% on your auto insurance premium all year when you use four winter tires during the winter months.1

OMA Auto Insurance is available to members of the OMA, their families, and their full-time permanent employees.

To learn more about rates, and to get a quote, contact The Personal online or directly at 1.877.277.7165.

Conditions apply. The OMA Home and Auto Insurance Program is underwritten by The Personal General Insurance Inc. in Quebec and by The Personal Insurance Company in all other provinces and territories.  Savings and discounts are subject to eligibility conditions, may vary by jurisdiction and may not apply to all optional coverages. The clauses, terms, restrictions and exclusions for the described coverages are detailed in the insurance policy.

The information and advice in this article are provided for informational purposes only. The Personal shall not be liable for any damages arising from any reliance upon such information or advice.  The Personal recommends using caution and consulting an expert for comprehensive, expert advice.

1 Winter Tire Savings not available in QC.