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Adulting when it comes to insurance

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Adulting when it comes to insurance
Education and Engagement Team
Your classmates are doing it, shouldn’t you?

Do you recall the moment when you became an adult? Was it when your parents told you that you had to start making your own dentist appointments? Or was it when they stopped paying for your cell phone bill and suddenly data usage was something you now understood and watched obsessively? Our lives are filled with these small moments that lead toward independence. Along with these small changes, are the major ones like accepting responsibility for your career and your financial wellness.

This is where Insurance enters the picture.  Although many factors determine insurance premiums, age and health are the two most critical. Generally, the younger and healthier you are, the less you pay for insurance. During your studies, you are investing not only a significant amount of money, but a significant amount of time, energy and mental focus towards a future career in medicine.  You and your education are an investment so why not consider protecting both through just makes sense.

Why do I need disability insurance?

In general, disability insurance is designed to replace a portion of your income to cover your expenses if you become disabled and are unable to earn an income. A disability can result from a number of causes, such as a physical ailment, injury or a psychological disability. A disability can be either short or long-term so it is important to consider the impact of a disability on your lifestyle.

If you ever need to take time off from medical school to recover from a disability, your bills won't stop. This is when a tax-free monthly disability insurance payment benefit can help to financially support you to manage your expenses while focusing on your recovery.

Why is it important to get disability insurance during medical school? Here are three reasons to buy now:

  • It can be easier to get coverage when you are young and healthy
  • No medical questions or test
  • As a member of OMA you are eligible for loyalty discounts offered through OMA Insurance.

Do I really need life insurance?

As a medical student, life insurance provides financial security when you need it the most.

There may be medical issues that prevent you from qualifying for life insurance as you get older.

Accidents do happen, and should the unthinkable happen, having a small life insurance policy, would ease the burden on your loved ones to cover off any final expenses.

Even though you may not feel you need the coverage--it still makes sense to consider it when you're younger and healthier. And while a student, the coverage is complimentary so there is no excuse not to apply. Still not convinced? Speak to your classmates—68% of OMA student members have made the decision to protect themselves, their families and their medical school investment. 

As the insurance arm of the Ontario Medical Association, we bring added value to medical students through education and objective advice. We also made it easy and affordable for medical students to get the coverage they need.

With our Student Special Offer, medical students can apply for up to $4,000 a month in disability benefits even if you are not currently earning an income. You can also get $100,000 of life insurance at no cost while a student. The application does not require any medical questionnaire or tests and your rates have been discounted from the standard rates by 75%.

Have questions? Visit or call us at 1.800.758.1641 Option 2.