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A Member's Story

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A Member's Story
OMA Insurance
OMA Member saves $100,000 with Legal Expense Insurance. The following is a true story.

​Insurance is one of those things that people hope they never need to use, all the while knowing how important it is to have it in place—just in case.  It's also essential that once you have insurance, you understand your coverage, especially if you are in a situation like what happened to one of our OMA members.

Janice's Story

The following is the true story of a real OMA member. The names in this account have been changed to ensure the member's privacy.

Janice was walking her dog when she passed by a home renovation underway in her neighbourhood. While walking past the job site, a plumber's van rapidly backed out of the driveway and struck her. Janice sustained multiple fractures that required emergency surgery and an extended recovery period away from her practice.OMA_Dog.png

Since Janice is a participant in the OMA Priority Insurance Program, which includes Legal Expense Insurance coverage, she was able to contact the DAS Canada Legal Advice Helpline where she obtained general advice regarding her legal issue.

DAS appointed a personal injury lawyer to her case, who immediately began negotiations with the plumber's auto insurer. The assigned lawyer successfully negotiated a settlement of $300,000, which allowed Janice to focus on recovery and return to her practice sooner.

In case you're wondering – the dog was not injured!

Under a typical contingency fee agreement, Janice would have paid approximately $100,000 of the settlement in legal fees if she retained her own lawyer. However, thanks to her OMA Legal Expense Insurance policy under OPIP, she kept 100% of the settlement amount.

Legal Expense Insurance, provided by DAS Canada, protects you, your spouse, and your children living at home from unexpected legal issues. From small claims court contract disputes to highway traffic violations, legal disputes can have a significant impact on your time and finances.

You may believe that you'll never face a legal dispute, but the definition of "legal dispute" may be broader than you think. The legal costs associated with the following events are covered:

  • Bodily injury (worldwide coverage)
  • Tax appeals and audits (personal and business)
  • Employment disputes
  • Contract disputes (personal and auto)
  • Driver's licence protection
  • Legal defence (business and auto)
  • Property protection
  • Fault determination ruling and total loss valuation disputes arising from motor vehicle accidents
  • Obtaining statutory accident benefits from automobile insurers

Bodily Injury (Worldwide Coverage)

As a physician, you have unique travel experiences. However, the last thing you expect is to suffer an injury due to someone else's negligence when you're travelling abroad. As an OPIP plan member, the legal costs of an unexpected bodily injury event are covered under your Legal Expense Insurance policy. 

For details of what is and what is not covered, please see our Quick Reference Guide

Have a legal issue and need to talk to a lawyer?

Call 1.855.953.1433 from 8:00 a.m. to midnight (local time), seven days a week. In an emergency situation, a legal representative will be made available 24/7.

If you have questions about your coverage, please contact us at 1.800.758.1641 or email