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OPIP - Legal Expense Insurance

Legal Expense Insurance

What is Legal Expense Insurance?

​Don’t let the complexities and cost of the legal system stop you from pursuing your rights. As part of your OPIP coverage you have Legal Expense Insurance (LEI), provided by DAS Canada. This gives you access to legal advice and guidance, plus the security of knowing once a claim has been accepted, the costs of pursuing legal action will be covered. 

Your policy provides:
  • Unlimited access to a gen​eral Legal Advice Helpline to discuss any personal legal matter.
  • Coverage for reasonable costs incurred in pursuing or defending a personal dispute, including:
      • Lawyers’ fees, disbursements
      • Costs to obtain required expert reports
      • Expert witnesses
      • Court costs, adverse costs
Policyholders should be aware that any covered incident must be reported to DAS within 120 days of the date of occurrence and that only legal expenses that have received prior approval from DAS will be reimbursed. For full details, please refer to your policy wording. 

One of the most valuable features of your Legal Expense Insurance is unlimited access to general telephone legal advice. Policyholders can seek guidance from a lawyer for any questions that arise, regardless of whether it is a covered incident or not. 

You may believe that you’ll never face a legal dispute, but the definition of “legal dispute” may be broader than you think. All necessary legal costs associated with the following are covered:
  • Tax issues (personal and business)
  • Employment disputes
  • Contract disputes (personal and auto)
  • Driver’s license protection
  • Legal defense (business and auto)
  • Fault determination
  • Property disputes
  • Bodily Injury
  • Total loss valuation disputes arising from motor vehicle accidents 
  • Assistance completing your Statutory Accident Benefits forms 


Dr. Scott took his car to be detailed at a local detailing shop. When he picked up the car, there was a large scratch that had not been there when he dropped it off. He confronted the manager of the shop about it who claimed that the scratch was already there. Dr. Scott called the Legal Advice Helpline and his case was evaluated. 

A lawyer was assigned and negotiations with the auto body shop were initiated. The case was settled out of court with the company agreeing to repair the scratch and pay for a rental car while this was being done. Dr. Scott paid nothing for the lawyer who assisted him. 

For details of what is and what is not covered please see the Quick Reference Guide​.

Worldwide Coverage 

As a physician, you may expect unique travel experiences. However, the last thing you expect is to be injured due to someone else’s negligence while travelling abroad. As an OPIP plan member, such an unexpected travel related event is covered under your Legal Expense Insurance policy. 

Here are some examples where your worldwide legal expense bodily inj​ury coverage will provide you, your spouse and children living at home, the means to take legal action:
  • While skiing in Europe, a physician is partially paralyzed due to a catastrophic chairlift failure. It is found the failure and resulting accident is due to the resort not following proper safety inspection and maintenance procedures.
  • While in the Caribbean, a physician’s spouse unfortunately experiences a severe nut allergic reaction to a meal served at their resort and is under care for remainder of their vacation. This is despite repeated assurances by the restaurant server and chef, that the meal did not contain any traces of nuts.
  • While volunteering in Asia, a physician’s child is severely injured when their dormitory bunk bed collapses on them. It was found in email trails that the organization staff knew the beds were unsafe, but they still took no action to replace them. 
In these examples, DAS would appoint legal representation and all legal expenses from the first dollar spent, up to $100,000 (CDN$) are paid for by DAS. Coverage is provided regardless if the trip was for pleasure or business reasons. Giving you peace of mind to pursue your legal rights to hold those responsible, accountable for the unfortunate and unexpected.1 

If you have any questions about your coverage, please contact us at 1.800.758.1641 (option 1) or​ If you have a legal question or want to make a claim, please call the legal advice helpline at 1.855.953.1433.

​1 For full coverage details, exclusions and policy limits please refer to your OPIP Legal Expense Insurance certificate

About DAS Canada 

DAS Canada is an insurance company specializing exclusively in Legal Expense Insurance. The policy offers customers financial protection against costly legal expenses, allowing them to defend and pursue their legal rights and gives them unlimited access to general legal advice at any time. Visit​ to learn more.