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Health and Dental

Health and Dental

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Your profession is demanding. Getting extended health and dental care shouldn’t be.

The costs of health and dental care continue to climb; consequently, if you are not protected with insurance, these expenses can add up fast. A trip to the dentist’s office for a routine visit can easily cost hundreds of dollars, or prescription drug costs for a chronic or major health incident could expose you to significant financial hardship. The safest way to guard against rapidly rising costs is to carry health and dental insurance. 

OMA Insurance has you covered with both Health and Dental Insurance plans available to medical students, residents, physicians and their immediate family, as well as physician’s office staff. This comprehensive group medical and dental coverage helps you get all the benefits of care without the full brunt of the bill. 

Comprehensive Coverage

Great reasons why OMA Health and Dental Insurance works for you:

Eligibility for Physicians

​To be eligible for insurance under the group policy, a physician must be: 

  1. ​A Member in good standing of the Ontario Medical Association, the New Brunswick Medical Society,​ the Medical Society of Prince Edward Island or, the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association, who is under the age of 79 on the date of becoming insured under the Group Policy; and​
  2. Residing in Canada. Residents of Quebec are eligible only if 
      • the application form is signed in a province or territory other than Quebec; and 
      • they agree that the benefits booklet and all other communications will be delivered in a province or territory other than Quebec. 
Coverage for a spouse or eligible depende​nt child(ren) is available if the member is also insured.​

Eligibility for Employees and Family

Pe​rmanent, full-time office employees of a member who work a minimum of 20 hours per week, who is under the age of 70 on the date of becoming insured under this policy are also eligible.

Coverage for a spouse or dependent child(ren) is available, however, the employee must also be insured.

OMA Health and Dental Insurance coverage includes: 2​

​​​​Health or Health Plus Benefits

Coverage for you and your family for health-related services not covered by provincial health insurance - including eligible drugs, hospitalization, paramedical services, and more. Enjoy the added convenience of a pay-direct drug card as well as emergency out-of-province/country coverages.

Health Plus provides higher limits (meaning lower out-of-pocket expenses) and additional benefits such as vision care.

​​​​Dental or Dental Plus Benefits

This coverage provides Basic and Preventative Treatment including recall examinations, bitewing ​x-rays, scaling and polishing, and fluoride treatments. Also covered are denture repair, relining and rebasing, endodontic, and periodontal services.

Dental Plus provides even more coverage such as children's orthodontics and Major Dental Services, major restorations and prosthodontics.

Rate Information

Get a quote​​, or if you have any questions, contact OMA Insurance at or 1.800.758.1641.​

Find your Health and Dental rates

The Underwriting Process

OMA Insurance works to streamline the underwriting process as much as possible, reducing the complexity and time required to arrange coverage. Here are the steps: ​

Obtain your application either online, or by calling us. Once completed, simply send the form back to OMA Insurance.
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Received by Provider
Sun Life, our Insurance provider will review your application and determine if an Attending Physician's Statement is required.
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Medical History
If additional medical information and/or Attending Physician's Statement (APS) are needed, you will be notified. You can help accelerate the APS process by ensuring your physician responds quickly.
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Receive your Benefits Booklet
From receipt of your application to an underwriting decision and issuing confirmation of Insurance coverage, it usually takes 15 to 30 days.
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If you disagree with any part of the decision, you may appeal. Your OMA Insurance team can assist in helping you resolve any difficulties, or suggest alternative solutions.


​ 1 Emergency out-of-province (out-of-Canada) medical expenses are covered at 100% up to a $2,000,000 limit per sickness or injury during the first 90 days of travel (30 days for someone age 70 or older), with no restrictions for pre-existing conditions. The usual medical evacuation, trip delay, hotel convalescence, return of automobile, and other travel insurance benefits are included.

 2 Additional expenses may be covered. Some restrictions apply.

OMA Health Plus and Dental Insurance policy is underwritten by Sun Life Assurance Company. This fact sheet is intended for general guidance and is not a contract. The complete terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions governing the OMA Health, Health Plus, Dental and Dental Plus Insurance coverage can be found in your Benefits Booklet and in the relevant group insurance policy 017884 and issued to the OMA by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada.

Some conditions apply.

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