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DI Coverage Option Extension Under Policy 17849 Plan Details

OMA 70+ DI Coverage Option Extension Under Policy 17849 - Plan Details

Eligibility To be eligible for this benefit, an Eligible Member must meet all of the following conditions:

  1. Be Insured under one or a combination of OMA DI Policy Numbers 2718, 5997 & 17849,

  2. Active DI coverage held in the 69th year and working a minimum of 25 hours a week,

  3. Be a member in good standing of an Eligible Association,

  4. Application is made in a form satisfactory to the Company no later than August 31st,

  5. Resides in Canada on the date of his/her application and the application must be signed and delivered in a province or territory other than Quebec,

  6. Receives the Certificate of Insurance in a Canadian province or territory other than Quebec.
Monthly Disability Income Benefit Limit
A Monthly Disability Income Benefit between $500 and $10,000

The lesser of $10,000 or their current combined DI coverage amount under all OMA DI Policies 2718, 59997 & 17849 will be available under this plan without Proof of Good Health. The maximum coverage amount is $10,000 from All Sources in effect or currently applied for. Reference to Income Ratio Guide for Insured to validate level of coverage entitled to.
Maximum Benefit Period 12 months, if disabled on or after 70th birthday
Elimination Period 90 days
Plan Provisions provided Presumed Total Disability, Transplant Donor or Cosmetic Surgery, Survivor Benefit, Return to Work Assistance, Waiver of Premium
Plan Limitations All insurance issued under this Plan shall be subject to the Integration provision set out in Section IV of Policy 17849. Benefit payment will be made relative to the income earned in either the 12 months or calendar (tax) year immediately preceding a claim
Tax – Status Non Taxable
Rates Yearly Renewable – Step rates, age, gender and smoking status