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When the odds aren't in your favour

We're ready to help.
When the odds aren't in your favour: protect your financial security with critical illness insurance.
OMA Insurance
Dealing with a critical illness like cancer is often a difficult and expensive proposition for both patients and their families. While survival rates are improving, the financial impact can be devastating. When a serious  illness strikes, Critical Illness Insurance can help take care of expenses, protect personal savings and, most importantly, help you recover on your own terms by providing you with the flexibility to use the funds in whatever way suits your needs.

As a physician, you've likely witnessed the hardships of dealing with a critical illness like cancer, heart attack or stroke. Aside from the obvious physical and mental battles involved, fighting a critical illness is often an expensive proposition for patients and their families.

The good news is that survival rates are improving; the bad news is that the financial impact of the illness can be devastating, creating a financial crisis that long outlasts the disease if you aren't prepared. Consider these facts:

  • Approximately one in two Canadians will develop cancer during their lifetime; three in four will survive.1
  • Heart attacks strike 70,000 Cana­dians each year.2
  • Strokes affect 50,000 Canadians each year.2
  • Only 32% of Canadians believe they have money set aside in case of a health emergency.3

Serious health events, such as critical illnesses, often require you to stop working for a period of time. A family member might also want to do the same to help care for you. Other insurance policies you have may not fully replace lost income or cover the expenses of running your practice. There are many expenses involved in fighting a critical illness that are not covered by any other insurance policy, for example:

  • Medical costs not covered by provincial plans, such as experimental or out-of-country treatments (including travel and related expenses), assistive devices and medical equipment.
  • Extra expenses to support your recovery, including personal care workers, housekeeping, childcare services and modifications to your home.

With Critical Illness Insurance available to you under the OMA Insurance Program, you receive a one-time, lump-sum, tax-free benefit that gives you the flexibility and freedom to use the funds in whatever way best meets your needs. OMA Insurance has both Group Critical Illness plans (with coverage up to $250,000*) and Individual Critical Illness Insurance (coverage up to $2 million*). Both plans are available through our non-commissioned OMA Insurance Advisors.

During a difficult period of illness, wouldn't you rather focus your full attention on getting well instead of worrying about money?

Don't let the odds work against your financial security. Contact OMA Insurance today to schedule a complimentary Insurance Check-up with one of our Insurance Advisors and learn more about how Critical Illness Insurance can help take care of your expenses, protect your savings and most importantly, ensure you recover on your own terms.

For more information, call OMA Insurance at 1.800.758.1641, or visit​.

Critical Illness Insurance: Covered Conditions

Critical Illness Insurance available under the OMA Insurance Program provides coverage for 25 conditions, including:

  • Heart attack
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Alzheimer's
  • Coma
  • Major organ transplant

Visit for the complete list and more information.


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* See policy for details.​