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OMA Insurance
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OMA Insurance Caption Contest

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OMA Insurance Caption Contest
OMA Insurance
The OMA Education & Engagement team spent several weeks this spring travelling the province and speaking with medical students as part of our Transition to Residency Lunch ‘n Learn Tour. A big hit this year was a caption contest asking the students to provide their caption to our OMAI cartoon. Here is a list of the really good ones!


  • Don't sign your life away to strangers. Think OMA before insurance
  • Choose OMA; because insurance doesn't have to bite
  • Recognizing the value of human life, Draco persuaded Jane to sign up for life insurance
  • My knowledge of insurance is HOPELESS\Someone please fix me up with a little HYPNOSIS!
  • Dr. Acula always counts on his students to sign up for OMA Insurance. Who knows when something could bite you in the neck?
  • Signing in blood is encouraged but not mandatory
  • "Now remember, tick all the boxes, don't cross them!"
  • I promise this won't hurt a bit
  • And the deductible is only 20 cc's of O-negative
  • And many more…

With over 130 creative caption submissions, the judges had a lot of suggestions to consider! And the winner was a student from Ottawa with "Choose OMA; because insurance doesn't have to bite."​