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I Need Another Newsletter

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I need another newsletter? *
Bruce Palmer
​* Yes, you need an​​other newsletter

Welcome to Asterisk. Oxford Dictionary defines the asterisk as a symbol used “as a pointer to an annotation or footnote.” We picked Asterisk as our newsletter name for three reasons:​

  1. As a symbol, it is an important part of our brand, used to highlight either an important explanation, reinforcing the initial statement, or to contradict the stereotype portrayed in the initial statement. We want our newsletter to reinforce truth and contradict stereotypes.
  2. As a word play, we liked the word “risk” hidden in asterisk: we know risk hides everywhere in life, and we see part of role to be making sure you are aware of the risks and take actions and decisions accordingly.
  3. As a tool, we hope our newsletter will help point you to action. Knowledge becomes virtue only when acted on with wisdom and skill: at OMA Insurance, we see our role to be a virtuous one.

You might be asking yourself why you need another newsletter, especially one about insurance. We asked ourselves the same question, and our thoughts came down to this: ​insurance can save you and your family from bankruptcy or other crippling financial hardships, it can help rebuild your life when disaster hits, and can give you the peace of mind and confidence to pursue dreams and take calculated risks you might otherwise avoid. You can enjoy life a little bit more because you need to worry a little bit less.​​

Simply put, our business of insurance is about keeping families together and businesses in business.​

We think insurance is important enough to your well-being to spend a​ little bit of time thinking about it.

This is our plan for Asterisk: 

      • to give you interesting information about handling the risks in your personal and business lives;
      • to keep you abreast of changes in the insurance industry that might impact you in the future;
      • to stimulate your thought about factors that might affect you in ways you may never have considered;
      • and, to give you some practical, day-to-day advice.

For our first issue, we are offering you a couple of straightforward articles we thought you might find interesting – a telling piece about our aging population, and an interesting infographic depicting how OMA uniquely offers hassle-free insurance without medical evidence. Going forward, we are looking for your input into our topics. We have a short online survey you are invited to take to give us your ideas. And we welcome any input at any time: I can be reached at

I hope you enjoy Asterisk, and I look forward to your feedback.


Bruce Palmer​

Managing Director, Insurance Services of the OMA and CEO of OMA Insurance Inc.

Bruce Palmer_8x10.jpg
Bruce has a Bachelor’s degree in Science from University of Western Ontario and a Masters of Business Administration from Queen’s University. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Professionals (FCIP) Society, a Canadian Risk Manager (CRM), and is currently Vice President, Professional’s Division of the CIP Society of Ontario. Bruce is also the proud father of two daughters, both Civil Engineers.