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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our non-commissioned advisors advocate solely for the best interests of doctors, residents and medical students. Whatever your career stage, our unbiased experts can help explain, clarify, and if necessary, arrange the coverage you need and find th​e solution that’s right for you. ​​​​​

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Alban Moran - Atlantic Moran - AtlanticCLU, CHS<p>Located in PEI, for Alban Moran the most enjoyable part of his work with OMA Insurance is getting out to meet face to face with members and their families. <br/> <br/>Alban believes that having the chance to meet directly provides the opportunity to build trust and understanding with members so there is comfort when sharing important details related to family and practice situations. For over 23 years, Alban has been a valuable member of the OMA Insurance team and has enjoyed his role working with members in Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces. Prior to joining the OMA, Alban was a highly regarded professional in the insurance industry where he received awards and recognition for his work with clients including a Sales Management award and consistently achieved the National Quality award which is an important measure of a high level of quality service provided. Alban always places Member Service as his number one priority. He has a great interest in and is passionate about sharing his knowledge of OMA and individual disability income insurance plans with medical students, residents and practicing physicians. He has seen firsthand the devastation disability can impose on those who are not properly prepared. <br/> <br/>Alban's motto, which he shares with all who will listen, is Disability Income insurance is the foundation of your entire financial plan don't start to build for your future without a foundation. It is this belief in the importance of a Solid Foundation that motivates Alban to work closely with students and residents to ensure that they understand the importance of establishing disability income and life insurance prior to making other crucial financial decisions. Alban has also shown his dedication to professionalism by advancing his knowledge in his area of work. Along with achieving his business degree, he has studied and taken numerous courses over the years obtaining his CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) and CHS (Chartered Health Specialist) designations. He continues to study to advance his knowledge and stay current meeting his annual professional continuing education requirements. Alban looks forward to continuing to work with medical students, residents and practicing physicians over the coming years from his location on Prince Edward Island.
Cathy-Ann Percy PercyCHS<div> <p>​Cathy-Ann Percy came to Toronto in 1988 with a young family to begin her career in Canada. She worked as an Executive Secretary until she started as a Financial Advisor with London Life Insurance Company in 1996. Transitioning from an Executive Secretary to working in the financial field (commission only) was not easy, but Cathy has managed to succeed in her career as a financial force to be reckoned with, assisting clients in all areas of financial planning.​<br/></p> </div> <br/>In 2008, Cathy was offered a position as a Long Term Care Insurance Specialist with Sun Life Financial. She succeeded in that role until 2011 during which time she became one of the top 10 Specialists in Canada.<br/><br/>Cathy achieved awards for excellence during her time as a Specialist doing presentations/seminars on long term care insurance, qualifying for Sun Life Financial conferences/awards. She earned the right to be awarded assignments to work with quality Senior Sun Life advisors/Brokers/Investors Group, PPI Financial and MD Management, to name a few. She wrote an Article in Comfort magazine for Retirees on long term care insurance.<br/><br/>Cathy is goal oriented and believes in continuing education so she is aware of changes in the financial field, the competition, and how to become better at assisting clients to achieve their financial goals. One goal of Cathy was to achieve the CHS (Certified Health Specialist) designation which she achieved in 2011. Her next goal is to achieve the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) designation. She is a long standing member of ADVOCIS (the Financial Advisors Association of Canada)​ since 1997. <br/><br/>Working with the OMA was another of Cathy's goal since 2006. This goal became a reality in 2012 when she started as a non-commissioned financial advisor with OMA Insurance contributing her 17 years of insurance expertise and knowledge of long term care insurance to OMA members and the Insurance department. Cathy says, "Doctors are saving lives so they have little time to devote to financial matters. My job as their Financial Advisor is to save their financial life. I want to make sure they achieve their financial goals by protecting their ability to earn an income, their families future, income and assets now and in retirement. Financial planning is not only for today, but tomorrow and the future.<br/><br/>Along with my colleagues, I hope my passion for assisting our OMA members will be a true attestation of my commitment to excellence, caring and love for what I do as an OMA insurance Financial Advisor."
Frank Turchi - London Turchi - London<p> ​Located in London, Ontario, Frank Turchi brings his experience in the financial services industry to the OMA and its members. After graduating with Honours from Windsor's Odette School of Business, Frank started his career as a life and living benefits consultant. Moving to Toronto, Frank expanded his knowledge in the Property &​ Casualty and Group Insurance fields.</p> <p> Frank has dedicated himself to his craft. As a member of Advocis, he embodies their mission to advocate for the best interest of the consumer. To provide unparalleled advice and service to physicians, Frank is the process of comp​leting the Chartered Health Insurance Specialist (CHS) and Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designations, with aspirations of obtaining his Fellowship.</p> <p> Albert Einstein once said "Information is not knowledge". Frank plays a valuable role in the organization by educating physicians on the importance of protecting themselves against the unexpected. He delivers the vital knowledge to make the right decisions today, and  for the future.</p> <p> Frank's addition to our team of insurance advisors ensures our members will continue to have the power to make the decisions to protect what is most important to them. ​</p>
Griselda Hutchins Hutchins<p>Griselda Hutchins has worked in the Financial and Insurance Services sectors in Canada for over 30 years. She has gained extensive experience in solving financial and insurance challenges working with well-known organizations such as the Toronto Stock Exchange, Swiss Re Canada, Canada Life, and AIG.</p> <p>With these diverse skills, Griselda firmly believes that OMA Insurance is the number-one trusted insurance provider for exclusive, competitive and integrated advice, services and solutions tailored to meet the unique protection needs of physicians and their families. Above all she believes in listening to members' needs translating them into tangible, beneficial and cost effective products and services.</p> <p>Her strong communication skills also benefits members with her fluency in Spanish and French and knowledge of Italian and Portuguese.  She has completed several language and human resource courses at the University of Toronto and also holds an LLQP Life & Accident & Sickness Insurance Sales License. Griselda is enrolling in the Certified Health Insurance Specialist designation as well as several LOMA designation courses to round-out her background.  She is an active member of the Advocis (The Financial Advisors Association of Canada).​</p> <p>Griselda believes in providing professional advice and service accountability, all key components in providing members with the information required to make the right decisions to protect themselves and their family from the unexpected by an optimum management of their risks.</p>
Joyce Chiu Chiu<p>Joyce Chiu is a licensed Insurance Advisor with the Ontario Medical Association. Joyce has been working within the insurance industry for the past 17 years. Joyce is here to provide exclusive, competitive and inte​grated advice, service and solutions tailored to meet the unique protection needs of physicians and their families, while providing unparalleled member experience. Joyce'​s goal is to provide a peace of mind that a well-designed insurance portfolio can give to the physicians and their families.</p><p>Joyce believes that knowledge is power and continuously updates her knowledge of benefits and services within the insurance industry to ensure that physicians and their families receive the most appropriate client focus recommendations that meets their personal situations and needs.</p><p>Joyce has a Bachelor of Arts degree. Joyce is currently working on her Certified Health Insurance Specialist designation.</p><p>Joyce is a member of Advocis - The Financial Advisors Association of Canada and adheres to their Code of Ethics.</p><p>Joyce's philosophy is "If you cannot explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough." Albert Einstein. This philosophy has assisted many physicians to understand the complexity of insurance in its simplest form. Joyce's passion is to find the best fit/product for each individual physician's need.</p>
Judy Wood WoodCFP, CLU<p>Judy Wood, CFP, CLU is the Senior Insurance Consultant with OMA Insurance. She began her career as a licensed advisor with Clarica in 2001 and in 2006 ​joined OMA Insurance as the first Ontario insurance advisor on staff.</p><p>Judy is a strong believer in continuing education and self improvement. In 2008, Judy attained her Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. In 2009 her Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designation and is currently just one course away from her Certified Health Specialist (CHS) designation. ​Judy is a member in good standing with the Financial Planner Standards Council, ADVOCIS (the Financial Advisors Association of Canada) and the Institute for Advanced Financial Education.</p><p>Physicians are busy professionals whose priority is looking after their patients leaving little or no time for themselves. With the same dedication physicians help their patients; Judy is committed to helping physicians. Through one-on-one consultations she works hard for her clients and their families to design efficient life and health insurance portfolios that can withstand the test of time.</p><p>Over the years Judy has written articles for the OMR and conducted many educational presentations on insurance planning for OMA branches around Ontario. As well, she has been a guest presenter at OMA Council seminars for Retirement Planning. Judy's expertise is not only sought after by physicians she is a Certified Instructor/Facilitator specializing in training, mentoring and coaching OMA advisors with the goal that all members receive the same excellent level of service from all OMA Insurance advisors.</p>
Kelly Budden - Atlantic Budden - AtlanticCFP<p>Located in St. John's, Newfoundland, Kelly Budden, CFP, brings a vast array of financial and insurance planning experience to physician members and their families within the Atlantic Provinces. After completing a Business Diploma at Algonquin College in 1993, Kelly worked in the accounting field for a year as a Daily Business Report Analyst. She decided that she wanted to join the financial services industry and in 1994 began working with MD Management in Ottawa, Ontario.   In 1998 she accepted a transfer to return back home to Newfoundland and work in their regional office in St. John's, where she became immersed in the financial planning needs of physicians in Newfoundland.   </p><p>Kelly's enthusiasm for the financial world led her to complete the Canadian Securities Course in 2000, obtain her Life Insurance license in 2006 and receive the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation in 2009.   She is a member of Advocis, a chapter of the Financial Advisors Association of Canada. Kelly is currently working on the Certified Health Insurance Specialist (CHS) designation and plans to complete this program by the end of 2015.  </p><p>Prior to joining OMA Insurance in April 2013, Kelly spent over sixteen years working in various roles with MD Physician Services. From 1994 until 2007 she held various administrative positions within the organization and from 2007 until 2013, as a Financial Advisor, she spent her days helping medical students, residents and early career physicians develop their financial plans and work towards achieving their goals.   She also presented financial and insurance-planning talks to groups of medical professionals at numerous orientations and seminars.   Kelly also provided educational tips for the "Medical Student Wellness" quarterly newsletter and was guest editor on a special edition of "Financial Planning for the Medical Student".   </p><p>Kelly's philosophy is if you are honest, knowledgeable and show true dedication to each and every client, they will keep you as a trusted partner.  Her goal is to ensure her clients have all of the information they need to help them fully understand their options and make timely and informed decisions about their insurance needs.   Kelly is mindful to reinforce to her clients the importance of following through with a recommended plan and also doing regular reviews.  </p>
Lisa Ng NgCLU, CHS<p>Lisa Ng, Senior Insurance Advisor, brings to the OMA Insurance, various professional experiences. She ​has been practising for over 13 years in the Insurance profession along with other prior professional work related experiences: Health sciences, banking, finance, tax, running her own practice and business prior to joining the OMA and working as an Advisor. She has worked at RBC Insurance and with a Wealth & Estate Planning Group of London Life. Her varied knowledge and experience working with many health care professionals over the years evolved through a large network of family, friends, and clients that serves our Members well.</p><p>She is a member of Advocis and holds the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and Certified Health Specialist (CHS) designations with specialized, advanced insurance knowledge utilizing Life insurance and Living Benefits concepts: Disability, Critical Illness, and Long Term Care.</p><p>Lisa advocates the strong belief in insurance planning to mitigate risks. Her passionate care for people motivate her while sharing real life insurance claims situations. Her patience, simplified approach to insurance help Members understand the valuable need to implement effective insurance plans for their practices, businesses, families and loved ones.</p><p>Lisa was awarded the OMA Ovations Service Award in 2013. She consistently receives positive feedback and comments from Members who have worked with her to do their insurance planning. A conscientious and meticulous Advisor with the utmost desire to listen to your needs first and to provide objective advice!</p>
Maria Del Mundo Del MundoFLMI, CHS <p>Maria Del Mundo brings more than 15 years of insurance and financial services experience to her role as an Insurance Advisor with the OMA, in which she delivers comprehensive and customized insurance solutions to physicians to ensure a financially secure future for themselves and their families. Her approach to insurance planning encompasses a detailed understanding of physicians' goals, needs, priorities and current financial situation, addressing their concerns and educating them along the way to help them make informed decisions.   </p> <p>Prior to joining the OMA in April 2012, Maria was also an Insurance Advisor for RBC Insurance. For many years before coming to Canada in 2009, she was a highly esteemed Financial Planner of The Philippine American Life and General Insuranc​​e Company, a member company of the American International Assurance (AIA) Group Limited. She has successfully built lasting relationships with her clients, most of whom have become friends. She was a 6-time Qualifying Member to the Million Dollar Round Table, the premier association of financial professionals worldwide demonstrating the highest standards of ethics, knowledge, client service and productivity.</p> <p>Maria strongly believes in the value of continuing education and continuously invests in her professional growth and development. She holds two professional designations – Certified Health Insurance Specialist (CHS) and Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI)​.  She is currently pursuing the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designation course.</p> <p>Outside of work, Maria is an active volunteer for the Mid-Toronto Community Services, Inc., a charitable organization helping seniors and disabled or ill adults remain in their homes and live healthy, dignified and independent lives.​</p>
Paul Hubraj Hubraj<p>Paul Hubraj, Insurance Advisor with OMA Insurance.<br/>In Paul's previous career he was an owner/operator of a custom millwork business for 10 years.  He manufactured commercial, residential fixtures and cabinetry for clients across Ontario. Paul worked closely with architects, developers, and designers. A large part of his business was providing custom millwork for hospitals and schools in​ Ontario. As a young business owner he developed customer service and communication skills, the ability to handle objectivity, ask probing questions to decipher exactly what the client's visions were. He also earned the trust of valued clients who allowed him to work unsupervised in their homes.  Paul’s career change led him to the financial industry in 2008 where he became an Advisor with Sun Life Financial. Paul was intent on succeeding so he worked diligently building his clientele by warm referrals from his family and friends, cold calling, and door to door. He also worked closely with families and small business owners. Paul was very driven and with the need to expand his knowledge in the financial field he decided to become an Independent Advisor at one of the largest Insurance brokerages in Ontario. He regularly attended seminars from all insurance companies to learn different perspectives. Paul is committed to professional education and is continuously participating in personal development. He is currently working towards the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designation recognized by the American College of Financial Services. He is a member of Advocis who is the Financial Advisors Association of Canada. His philosophy is to provide financial literacy and education to clients. He has a great deal of passion for the industry and feels satisfied knowing his work is helping families. Paul works closely with the financial planners at MD Physician Services (CMA Companies; MD Physician Services is a wealth and practice management firm) providing members/clients a holistic approach to address their entire financial security portfolio. Paul attends events throughout the year promoting the OMA Insurance Services to practicing physicians, residents, and student orientations giving members the opportunity ask questions or clarify concerns.
Raymond Cyr - Atlantic Cyr - Atlantic<p>​Raymond Cyr, BEd, is a devoted insurance professional who takes pride in always staying well informed and current on matters of insurance and financial security for his clients. In his previous role as an insurance advisor, Raymond worked for a members-only, non-profit organization. During that time, he completed his field insurance councilor designation (FIC), was awarded an "Early Achievement Award" and earned several "Top Atlantic Agent" awards for his diligent work ethic in providing members and their families with the best and most suited insurance plans.</p> <p>He firmly believes in the importance of higher education and is currently on his way to completing his master's degree in business administration (MBA) from the Université de Moncton in New Brunswick. In 2000, he graduated with a bachelor's degree in education (BEd) from the Université de Moncton. Raymond is bilingual in both English and French.</p> <p>Physicians have heavily invested time, money and effort in their careers. Protecting and securing all that they have worked so long and so hard to achieve is only logical. Raymond is proud to be a non-commissioned insurance advisor and is always excited, ready and prepared to complete a comprehensive needs analysis for an OMA member and his/her family. As your personal insurance advisor, Raymond will offer solutions and recommendations and work diligently to structure a detailed insurance plan specifically designed for you to meet your current and future needs. Throughout your career, Raymond will provide you with updates, advice and insurance reviews to ensure that you always maintain appropriate coverage for you and your family.​</p>
Sam Mukhi - Ottawa/Kingston Mukhi - Ottawa/Kingston<p>​With a background in Communication Arts/Public Relations from university, Sam Mukhi is the dedicated bilingual OMA insurance advisor for the Ottawa/Kingston region. Prior to joining the OMA, Sam held the position of a Financial Services Consultant with Investors Group Financial Services specialising in insurance solutions and risk management.</p> <p>Sam's focus is on building strong and lasting client relationships, addressing physician's needs in the areas of life, health, critical illness and disability insurance coverage. He believes that providing truly unbiased, objective advice to members will enable them to make informed decisions and obtain the right amount of coverage that they need.</p> <p>Sam really believes that people 'don't care about how much you know till they know how much you care.' That belief permeates the way that he carries out his work for our members.</p> <p>A believer in constant self-improvement and education, Sam is currently working on achieving his CHS designation to add to his LLQP license in Ontario.  Sam is an active volunteer, spending several hours every month doing volunteer work, to help improve the lives of people in his community. ​​</p>
Emil Popescu Popescu<p>Focusing on the Toronto North area, Emil Popescu brings over 13 years of sales and management experience, including 9 years in the insurance industry. Emil believes that the main ingredient in a positive advice experience is the "trust built between the physician and the advisor". Taking a disciplined and consultative approach allows Emil to provide personalized advice that is based strictly on physician's needs and wants.</p> <p>Prior to joining OMA Insurance in 2016, Emil's last role was Regional Director with RBC Insurance, where he received awards and recognition for his work with clients and advisors including the Canada 2011 Rookie of the year, Top Advisor Toronto East 2011, National Leaders Conference Qualifier 2011 and consistently being from 2012 to 2015 on the National Top 10 Regional Directors by Life and Living Benefits teams sales volume and clients satisfaction. </p> <p>Emil strongly believes in the value of continuing education. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering and is currently working towards getting his CHS (Certified Health Insurance Specialist) and CFP (Certified Financial Planner) professional designations.​​</p>
Tamara Souter - Hamilton/Niagara Souter - Hamilton/Niagara <p>Tamara Souter brings more than 15 years of insurance and sales experience to OMA Insurance. She is a passionate advocate and brings an abundance of knowledge and expertise to our members in the Hamilton/Niagara region of Ontario. As your trusted partner in protecting your lifestyle, assets and business, Tamara is dedicated to providing personalized solutions to all of your insurance needs while building lasting relationships whether in a private one-on-one meeting or in a group setting.</p> <p> “Having worked at various firms, I have always valued my relationships with clients as they grow personally and professionally. Whether they’re getting married, having children, or fulfilling their career dreams, I love watching my clients succeed through all of life’s stages. I’ve noticed a shift in doctor’s expectations of their relationship to insurance. They want to understand what they’re buying. Whether it’s an established doctor who’s providing feedback or a resident who’s just starting to think about protecting her career, the message is the same; ‘help me understand how all these different coverages fit together.” </p>