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OMA Insurance
Not for profit. All for doctors.
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Solutions for Established Physicians

Solutions that are tailored to the needs you have now.

At OMA Insurance, we look at your protection not through individual insurance products, but complete solutions designed to Protect Your Assets, Protect Your Lifestyle and Protect Your Business.   However your assets have evolved – from a larger, renovated home or upgrade, to additional vehicles, to seasonal properties – make sure your protection solutions evolve right along with them.                As your career matures, the changing lifestyle you share with your family depends even more substantially on the income you’ve worked to achieve. Should you suddenly be unable to work, it could all be at risk. But it doesn’t have to be.    The practice you’ve built depends on your ongoing role in keeping your business vibrant and profitable. Should illness, injury, or other damaging events strike, your business would face serious consequences. Preparing for the risks could be your wisest business move. Asset Protection Needs Second or third vehicle Vacation properties Larger, renovated house or condoLifestyle Protection Needs Cover the costs of your kids’ education Pay off your mortgage Contribute more significantly to retirement savingsBusiness Protection Needs Computer or equipment breakdown Business interruption Injury or property damage   Been busy?  Catch up on your reading and read ​our recent thought leadership articles.